Album baru DREAM THEATER : “Black Clouds & Silver Linings” – Coming June 23rd!

21 04 2009

March 13, 2009

New York, NY:

Progressive metal veterans DREAM THEATER have announced BLACK CLOUDS & SILVER LININGS as the title of their tenth studio album. The band commenced work on the album � their second for Roadrunner Records, following up 2007’s Systematic Chaos – in October of last year.

Roadrunner will release the record on June 23. In addition to the standard version CD, the album will also be available on vinyl LP, as well as a 3-disc Special Edition CD that will include the full album, a CD of instrumental mixes of the album and a CD of six cover songs, the titles of which will be revealed at a later date.

Six weeks prior to the June 23 street date, Roadrunner will release one cover song per week through digital retailers.

Drummer Mike Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci are once again at the helm as producers, while Paul Northfield mixed the record.

The band will embark on a world tour in support of the album beginning in Europe throughout June which will be followed by the second edition of the band’s PROGRESSIVE NATION tour featuring Zappa Plays Zappa, Pain Of Salvation and Beardfish throughout North America in July/August.

A video for the first single, “A Rite of Passage” will be shot in late March.

The track listing for BLACK CLOUDS & SILVER LININGS is as follows:

  1. A Nightmare to Remember
  2. A Rite of Passage
  3. Wither
  4. The Shattered Fortress
  5. The Best of Times
  6. The Count of Tuscany


wah siap-siap tempur nih kuping ….denger2 lagu2nya kebanyakan seperti epic DT (octavarium, change of season dll) …. mmm … progressive orchestra. syeeeep



19 responses

21 04 2009
mbah admin

busyet..yg Chaos aja belum punya CD/kaset…udah mau muncul lagi…
semoga mp3 tetep bisa jadi pengganti

hmmm…gimana lagi ya modelnya ???

21 04 2009

Permisi Numpang PARKIR 😀

22 04 2009

ZXV, gw minta email lu dnk….

22 04 2009
gue…juga minta email lu 😀

22 04 2009
23 04 2009

Permisi..Numpang lewat..

23 04 2009

wih…mel udah balik nih…

23 04 2009

Gimana….MEL ujiannya 😀

25 06 2009

Bisa minta versi mp3nya g? ato mungkin tempat download gratisnya

25 06 2009

aq ada album pertama sampe systematic chaos tapi dirumah
wakaakakakakakakakk LOL

29 06 2009

Dah punya lagunya? saya dah ada yang A Night to Remember ama A Rite of Passage nich ? Mau?

10 08 2009

Hhhmmm… MuanTep LAgunya
apalagi A Rite Of PAssage… Killing Melody
Tp Msh Ad Pengaruh Ke Metallica YAch Om… d LAgu Wither. Tp Keren LAh.. DT Gt Loh

23 09 2009

Asyik Ne da album baru lagi..”buat para pecinta DT berbahagialah”

25 10 2009

the shatered fotres in ad hbungnya am the glass prison and the root of all evil.


2 02 2010
ali akbar

ini baru bantap abieysssssssssssssssssssssssss

26 07 2010

W ru tau skrng DT kluarn album bru??systematic chaos ja w lum dpt CD’y….da yg pnya lgu album bru’y ga?w mnt dund..mles download

14 08 2010
whYou N

keren nian lgu lagu ny…
durasiny pas nian..

15 09 2010

wah, beli cdnya ahh, sama bajunya kalo ada…. hehehe

6 06 2011
boy jack

aq paling suka dgn album ini,,,suka bgt,,,,,,

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